Location: Turkey, Ankara

Employment Type: Full time

Type of Contract: Individual contract

Starting date: January 2021

Period of implementation: 36 months

Expertise France (EF) is looking for a Procurement Officer to support the programme implementation, based in EF Ankara Office, with frequent travels to 12 Programme provinces where the activities will be implemented.


Expertise France is the French international technical cooperation agency, with a status of public institution under the joint supervision of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministries of Finance and Economy. The agency meets the expertise requirements of partner countries in the main areas of public action: democratic, economic, and financial governance; peace, stability and security; climate, agriculture and sustainable development; health and human development. Expertise France has a portfolio of over 600 projects in more than 100 countries of operation. The agency has an extensive experience with different donor organizations and is accredited by the European Union for the management of delegated community funds.

The overall objective of the İMEP-VET4JOB programme is to improve sustainable livelihoods and employment prospects for the refugees and host communities, by supporting their skills development through apprenticeship and vocational education training in line with labour market needs. In accordance with the suggested priorities in livelihoods of the refugees updated assessment needs, the Emergency Social Safety Net Exit (ESSN) Strategy and the current national Technical and Vocational Education and Training Strategy, the Action will focus on three specific objectives.

Specific Objective 1: Resilience of Syrian refugees and host communities strengthened through apprenticeship and vocational trainings.

Specific Objective 2: Child labour eradication efforts strengthened through apprenticeship and vocational trainings.

Specific Objective 3: Social and economic integration of Syrian refugees facilitated.

The Action’s primary focus will be on ESSN beneficiaries including other refugees and host communities, with a view to ensure social cohesion from complex sensitivity perspective in line with the Commission Implementation Decision dated 18.07.2019, under FRIT. In this regard, in terms of average ratio, Action targets to reach 60% Syrian and 40% host community participation in both apprenticeship and non-formal training. To guarantee the transformation of these skills developed in labour market integration, the Action will also support vocational guidance and career counselling services as well as start-up mentoring. With specific activities throughout the implementation period of the programme, a special attention will be paid to gender balance and the promotion of the participation of women, prevention of child labour, language barrier and social cohesion subjects.


The procurement process will be implemented with a participative technical steering including programme team and representatives of the Beneficiaries. The process will be operationally and financially managed by the Expertise France programme team with the support of Expertise France Legal Department. If and when necessary, some of the procurement process can be carried out by the Implementing Partner under the system of control/supervision put in place for the compliance with EF rules.

The implementation approach considers a strong involvement of the Beneficiaries of the activities in their conception and implementation. All the diagnostics (market analysis, training needs assessment, infrastructure and equipment needs assessments etc.) will be conducted in a participative manner to ensure the accuracy of the findings, the appropriation of the Action as a part of its sustainability.

The Procurement Officer is under the supervision of the Administrative and Finance Manager and will be responsible for the conduct and follow-up of procurement activities in accordance with EF procurement system and within the framework of the budget.  He/she will be responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Procurement of equipment and furniture
  • Market Studies
    • Conduct market studies for different markets (IT equipment, educational tools, furniture, utilities etc…),
    • Draft suppliers’ comparison reports,
    • Draft expected budgets.
  • Planning
    • Update the procurement plan,
    • Follow up on the procurement plan.
  • Procurement
    • Initiate and follow-up procurement activities,
    • Contact local sources of supply, get price quotations, and assist in the selection of vendors,
    • Contact vendors to resolve problems with late shipment, damaged items, incorrect products or incorrect prices,
    • Follow up and keep track to close any pending request,
    • Keep accurate records of payment and delivery of goods and services,
    • Maintain purchasing files and records,
    • Receive the goods as per the description on the purchase request,
    • Inspect goods upon delivery and reject inadequate, broken, lower quality and other items not meeting the requirements of the order,
    • Organize and maintain computerized records containing vendor and bid information,
    • Correspond with vendors regarding prices, product availability, and delivery,
    • Check that purchase request and order forms are filled properly,
    • Coordinate warranty, maintenance, and insurance claims for all assets/ inventory items,
    • For each order, file documentation appropriately demonstrating accountability. 
  1. Logistic support during the organization of trainings


  • Get the proper briefing from the team, identify suppliers, get quotations,
  • Once the supplier is validated, take care of the contracting procedure, ensure delivery,
  • During the trainings, ensure proper implementation in terms of logistics,
  • After the event, manage stocks and invoices with the related departments.
  1. Rehabilitation/equipment of buildings if needed
  • Prepare tender processes,
  • Attend field visits with potential contractors,
  • During implementation;
    • follow up on the work progress,
    • fill in quantity reports based on the Bill of Quantities,
    • follow-up on the contractor’s issues in the field and report to his/her line manager,
    • attend site hand-over visits, report deficiencies,
    • ensure that all documents are properly archived and backed up as soft copies.


  • BSc degree in supply chain management, logistics, Business Administration, Economy or other relevant field
  • Proficient knowledge of procurement/supply systems with a minimum of 5 years of proven working experience as a Procurement Officer or in procurement
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience within public agencies/ public offices, European programmes or international projects
  • Knowledge of sourcing and procurement techniques as well as a dexterity in “reading” the market
  • Knowledge of Project Cycle Management
  • Talent in negotiations, networking and conflict management
  • Good working knowledge and experience in handling contracts
  • Good knowledge of supplier or third-party management software
  • Aptitude in decision-making and working with numbers
  • Experience in collecting and analyzing data
  • Highest demonstrable professional skills on:
    • Inter-cultural communication
    • Teamwork
  • Good knowledge and working experience of Turkish institutions and policies, especially of the Ministry of National Education, as well as the civil society organisations.
  • Sound knowledge of the Turkish context and of the relationship between host and refugee communities
  • Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Technical knowledge and experience with goods/services and supplies procured under EU related projects will be an asset.
  • Professional working knowledge of English and Turkish is required.


Deadline of submission: 11th December 2020

Applications must be made in English. Please send your applications to the following e-mail address:

With the reference to “Procurement Officer”

The applications must include;

a CV, including references and

            – a cover letter

The process of selection of expressions of interest will occur in two phases:

  • As a first step, a shortlist will be freely established by Expertise France.
  • Selected candidates may then be invited for an interview.

Incomplete applications cannot be considered. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

VET Material and Technology Expert Position


With the overall objective of “improving sustainable livelihoods and employment prospects for the refugees and host communities, by supporting their skills development through apprenticeship and VET in line with labour market needs”, the Program funded by the EU Facility for Refugees in Turkey, has started by January 2020 and will continue for 4 years.

Programme will be implemented in 12 provinces: Adana, Ankara, Bursa, Gaziantep, Hatay, Istanbul, Izmir, Kahramanmaras, Kayseri, Kocaeli, Konya and Mersin.

The specific objectives of the Programme are;

SO1: Resilience of Syrian refugees and host communities strengthened through apprenticeship and vocational trainings.

SO2: Child labour eradication efforts strengthened through an improved and promoted apprenticeship training system in Turkey

SO3: Social and economic integration of Syrian refugees facilitated

For details please visit

Specific Objective(s) and Expected Output(s):

VET Material and Technology Expert’s duties will include the following;

  • Working under the leadership of Module Leader 1 to meet overall Programme objective
  • Preparing the list of training materials and tools as well as their technical specifications which will be used in the improvement of theoretical trainings in VETs
  • Contributing in technical spec preparation of materials & equipment for procurement with related committees and teams to be established
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the procedures related to preparation of specs for materials & equipment and their procurement
  • Preparation of Workplace Support Guide for the workplaces to be improved in order to increase the quality of the practical trainings and presenting the Guide to related institutions for approval
  • Implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the workplace improvement process
  • With the training expert, training of VET teachers in the utilisation of training materials & equipment
  • Preparation of VET Material and Technology related short term expert ToRs to be assigned in the field studies all through the project life span and presenting to Module leader 1 for approval
  • Participating technical and project team meetings as well as Programme national events
  • Providing data to the Programme team in preparation of reports within his service scope
  • Fulfilling other duties related to the Programme assigned by the Central Programme Office

Qualifications Required:

Qualifications and skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in at least one of the vocational and technical education fields
  • Academic degree in one of the Vocational Training fields will be an asset
  • Being able to work in English is an asset
  • Computer literacy
  • Be proficient in report drafting
  • Excellent communication and analytical skills

General Professional Experience:

  • At least 15 years of professional working experience in schools and institutions providing vocational training

Specific Professional Experience:

  • Experience in school-business life cooperation
  • Experience in national and/or international projects
  • Experience in National Qualification and Occupational Standards will be an asset

Period of Assignment: 

Between January 2021 (earliest) – December 2022 for 24 months’ maximum. 24 months in total have been planned however can be reviewed in accordance with the development of the Programme.

Place of Assignment:

VET Material and Technology Expert is expected to be located in Ankara, however he/she will be required to travel among programme provinces as needed if requested by the Programme Authority. Although it is not a preferred situation, it is possible for expert to work in weekend days.

Working Language: Turkish

Application Deadline: 18.12.2020

For Application: VET Material and Technology Expert (