Our Principles

  • Rights-Based Approach

The rights-based approach is essential in all activities carried out as part of VET4JOB. Activities implemented within VET4JOB are based on the acceptance that rights are universal, indivisible, and inalienable. Every individual has the right to access and benefit from community services equally and in dignity. To that end, the VET4JOB team aims to respect and protect the rights of children and adults in the programme target group and contribute to the exercising of their rights. Unlike the needs-based approach, the rights-based approach considers that individuals in the target groups have universal rights and works with them in line with this awareness.

  • High Benefit of Individuals

The high benefit of children and adults to be interacted with within the programme constitute the basis for all decisions to be made and all steps to be taken. Therefore, it is among the priorities of VET4JOB to attach due importance to the opinions and thoughts of the people in the target groups of the programme, to establish a relationship with them on the basis of dignity and equal treatment, and to ensure their participation in decision-making processes within the bounds of possibility. Making choices that support the physical, mental, spiritual, moral, and social development of children, particularly while determining the best interests of children, is among the top priority principles in VET4JOB practices.

  • Do No Harm

The VET4JOB team prioritizes the principle of “do no harm” in all types of activities. Before the activities to be performed within the programme, possible harm possibilities are considered and ways to eliminate these possibilities are sought. It is mandatory for the VET4JOB team to approach the target groups with care and sensitivity, and to abandon any activity in the event that the activity concerned brings the slightest risk to the physical and mental health of individuals.

  • Protection of Privacy

All efforts within the VET4JOB respect the privacy of individuals.  Therefore, information such as name or address that directly or indirectly reveals the identity of individuals, all records and documents containing personal and sensitive data, photographs and detailed descriptions are not shared with third parties nor published and used without permission in widespread media platforms including social media.

  • Respect for Individual and Cultural Diversity

During the activities performed within VET4JOB, a respectful, inclusive, and impartial attitude that accepts cultural and individual differences and values all kinds of diversity is displayed towards target groups and individuals. It is among the basic principles of VET4JOB to make efforts to prevent discrimination against target groups and individuals.

  • Empowerment-Based Approach

The VET4JOB team acknowledges that each individual has the abilities, skills, cultural knowledge, strengths and ability to cope with life, which are all developed from an early age. Based on this acceptance, the programme team builds its work on the competencies of the target groups and individuals rather than their inadequacies. In this process, it plans and conducts studies that allow target groups and individuals to reveal and use the opportunities and resources within and around them. VET4JOB practices essentially aim to improve the well-being of target groups and individuals by empowering them.

  • Gender Sensitivity

The priority principles of the programme include aiming to increase the participation of young girls and women in VET4JOB activities and implementing practices to achieve this aim. For instance, within VET4JOB, guidance to professions that are traditionally appropriate for boys and girls (such as hairdressing for girls and carpentry for boys) is avoided, and possible ways are sought to evaluate each individual in line with their abilities, interests and wishes. Gender sensitivity also brings along an awareness of gender-based needs. In order to implement this approach, in all monitoring and evaluation studies within VET4JOB, programme outputs and the fulfilled needs of participants will be addressed according to the gender criterion as well.

  • Evidence-Based Approach

The set-up of all activities within VET4JOB is based on an evidence-based approach. All studies performed and all services provided are designed in line with evidence-based methods, primarily according to the needs of target groups and individuals. Impact of the service created within VET4JOB implementations are evaluated based on the data collected from the field.